Friday, 26 December 2014


     Merriam Webster defines ritual as: always done in a particular situation and in the same way each time. I have a ritual, a morning ritual, that is becoming surprisingly wonderful to me. When my husband started his new job a few weeks ago, I dreaded getting up earlier to make his breakfast, pour his coffee, and pack his lunch. Does anyone else out there think that 5:40 a.m. is a better hour to be spending quality time with your bed and cozy blankets than hearing your alarm and dragging yourself out of bed? I know, right?
     Hello, new morning ritual: Groggily attempt to wipe the sleep out of my eyes, pull on my favorite sweats and a hoodie, and put my slippers on. Shuffle out to the kitchen and decide if it will be pancakes, eggs and toast, French toast, breakfast burritos, bacon, or if I have really thought ahead, maybe I will set a breakfast casserole or baked oatmeal in the oven. Pack husband's lunch while making breakfast and hope that I can do two things at once this early in the morning.
     Husband eats breakfast while I sit beside him in silence, snuggling my head on his shoulder. After he finishes his breakfast, he opens his Bible and we read that day's portion of Our Daily Bread devotional. We are left with a challenging thought to ponder for the day. We write our prayer requests in our prayer journal, and pray for others as well as for each other. His hand, warm from cupping his coffee mug, holds mine, firm and loving. I love to hear him pray for me, asking the Lord for protection and guidance for me. He makes me feel like a treasure when he intercedes for me.
     He puts his warm overalls on, and two hoodies, and his work boots. He draws me to him and puts his strong arms around me and kisses me. I cling to him, wishing he wouldn't have to leave. With one last regretful kiss, he grabs his coffee mug, lunchbox, and thermos of water and with a whoosh of cold air as he opens the door, he's gone. I pull back the blinds in the kitchen and wave to him as he backs out of our driveway. I see his wave dimly illuminated by the streetlamp on the other side of the avenue.
     I pour myself a cup of coffee in my favorite mug, the white one with a pink rose in a china pattern, the one from my cousin Lyndsi, the one that fits so well in my hand and holds the perfect amount of coffee. Wrapped in my red fleece blanket that has traveled a few miles with me, I sit down on the leather love seat in our living room and journal. The lights from the Christmas tree twinkle and the golden baubles glitter in its glow. I watch the curls of steam rise from my coffee in the lamp light. Ah, that hot coffee is the perfect way to begin the waking-up process for my day.

      I pick up my pink journal from my best friend, Lisa, and my thoughts and my heart and my joys and my frustrations and my prayers flow from the ink into words on a page. My journal and my Bible go with me everywhere. I love this quiet time of emptying me of me, and filling myself up with Jesus. My Bible was a gift from my Mom and Dad to me, and although it is rather bulky because it is a study Bible, that's the one I like to use because it has my favorite passages underlined, and it has notes in it, and it falls open to my favorite books.

     My house is so quiet in the mornings. It's just me, my little house, my cup of coffee, and Jesus. It's before most of our neighbors have gone to work, and the kids down the street are still sleeping, and even the sun isn't even up yet. I am learning to treasure this time of early morning-ness, of my quiet house. There's something so comforting about a good habit and predictability. It's like that favorite pair of shoes that you wish would last forever.
     If I can work up the courage to bundle up and face the cold, I try to take a walk as soon as the sun begins to come up. Layers of warm clothes, a good hat, and warm mittens [yes, mittens are much warmer than gloves] make a walk in the morning chill an invigorating experience.
     This is how I usually begin my day, and I am beginning to treasure these morning moments exactly the way they are. I would love to hear about your favorite morning rituals via the comment box below!
     [This post was written before Christmas--No, we do not have a Christmas tree year round! :)]
        Mrs. Loewen


  1. Love this, Marissa! Makes me want to have a morning ritual just like this :)

  2. awwww!!!! I love!!! Dearie, this is so lovely, so you.
    beautiful. =)

  3. "I love this quiet time of emptying me of me, and filling myself up with Jesus." This just grabs me. I think of it many times a day. I think it's so important that we create a quiet space in our day to hear from God. Some seasons in life that looks different than other seasons, but the importance of it never diminishes. Love your heart for God. And I love you.

  4. Love it!!! Morning rituals are my favorite. My morning ritual is get up, grab a blanket, journals, and Bible, make a cup of hot tea, and curl up on the couch for my me + Jesus time. It's the best part of my day.
    love you dearest! And your posts are a bright spot.

  5. I love your morning ritual!! I love spending Jesus + me time in the morning, too. Actually, I have Jesus+me time throughout the day. :) I love writing in my journal!!
    Love you dearie!
    Love Ashley
    I hope you will look at my blog and follow by email!!

  6. This was so beautiful and encouraging! Thanks for sharing your heart and your morning ritual. Keep on blogging, you are a blessing!

  7. Hi again! I am looking into getting a new study Bible. Can I ask which one you have and who the publisher is? Thanks so much!


  8. Ah, I didn't know you had a blog! :) I love posts like this that share special + meaningful aspects of the every day life. Hope you're staying warm up there! :)

  9. Hi! Love your blog!

    I found Lenora's blog and I was wondering if she was any relation to you. Is she? Here's her blog.

    God bless

  10. godly-young-widow14 January 2015 at 10:28

    Thanks for this post. You inspire me. Next, can you describe the rest of your daily routine? Do you have work-at-home stuff? Do you volunteer? Living off one income is a good strategy; keeps you disciplined either way; whether children enter into the picture or not. I'm sure you're finding your ways to minister to the community, both while hubby is at work, and in ways that you do that together. Looking forward to reading about that more